About Us

Watershed Entertainment is a Nigerian based motion picture production company, established in 2008.
Our primary vision is to tell unique African stories with universal appeal while developing and mentoring
the next generation of African filmmakers.
Our approach is not purely commercial. What drives us is a desire to bring a higher level of art and
creativity to all the stories we tell and contribute in raising the level of professionalism in the African film
and television industry.
The mission statement of the company is as follows:
1. To help develop the next generation of African filmmakers (documentary, feature and animation), by
promoting and encouraging them.
2. To contribute in raising the level of professionalism in the African film and television industry.
3. To bring art to commercialism in the industry.
4. To tell unique African stories with universal appeal.
5. To help build a viable, self-sustaining and job providing industry
Watershed Entertainment has produced a diverse range of projects including the
documentary Yan’tauri (on adherents of a traditional/cultural lifestyle in Northern Nigeria); an
animation short, Mimi, which was selected and screened at African International Film Festival AFRIFF
2014; and the BBC Media Action short, In The Dark (Makauniyar Hanya). We’re currently partnering
with the Sall-Myne Animation Company on a 3D animated series called Meet My Family. The
collaboration is following the success of a recently completed experimental animation short “pop” which
is currently doing the international film festival circuit having been screened at the African International
Film Festival 2016 and accepted in to the Chennai International Short Film Festival 2017 and Real Time
Film Festival 2017, AM Egypt Film Festival.
In 2017 we also produced the animation short titled “CRUSH”which won the Silicon
Valley African Film Festival 2017 and the LIPFF; the Lake International Pan African Film Festival.
Last year Watershed partnered with the British Council on their “Working Together” Project. This was
part of the British Council, UK/NG: United Kingdom – Nigeria 2015/2016 program. Watershed
Entertainment’s entry: ‘See Our City’ Project was selected for the Jos community. This project took place
from September-October, 2016 resulting in the production of two short films - Hakuri and Playmates.
Both films explored themes surrounding community peace and mutual understanding. We also
produced a documentary on the whole project.

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